Photography and videography by William Owen
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Model Testermonials

"He is really nice and makes you feel comfy. would definitely recommend him" - Jenna Smith
'Will is a really lovely person who will set you at ease instantly with his brilliant personality. He is fun to be around, very creative and talented with a camera. If you work with Will, you'll get a good day and great photos out of it' - Alivya V Free 
"I worked with Will very early on in my modelling career and he gave lots of helpful advice. He also managed to talk some very expressive and uninhibited portraits of me which nevertheless has a very stylish editorial compsition and finish - in fact those portraits are unpararelled in my portfolio even to this day. Highly recommended indeed." - Rebecca Tun 
'Shooting with Will is great for a many number of reasons but I'll stick to a couple. Firstly he makes sure you're more than comfortable. When he asked me if I wanted anything from the shop and I asked for a coke, he bought me a whole multipack, and he has good coffee, nuff said about that. Secondly, he's got a great talent at making you feel relaxed, both shoots with Will have been rather impromptu and unpressurized and as a result we've got some great results. Thirdly, great sense of humour and good taste in music and a great attitude which means it's just as much a friendly hang out as a professional shoot. Hope to work with him again soon!' - Hannah B