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Modeling for me

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  • What to bring
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  • Shooting nude
  • Tattoo's and body modifications
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My availability is limited, especially during the week. Whilst weekday shoots are possible I am most likely to be available during the weekends.


I do not charge for my shoots but only work with people who I feel would be of benefit to my portfolio.

How I shoot

I shoot in short burst with plenty of time for a cup of tea in between sections.

I do not like to give a lot of direction as this can lead to unnatural posture in inexperienced models and is generally not needed with more experienced models. Instead, I will work the shoot out together with the model as we go along.

What you get

I will only release edited images from the shoot and the shots selected for editing will be selected at my discretion.

The images edited will the be the ‘best-of’ the images from the shoot. The number of images released depends on a number of factors such as how well the shoot goes, the number of different looks/outfits/locations we try and the duration of the shoot. This can be as few as 3-4 images but will often be more.

Why so few images

The editing process is partly one of refinement, reducing the images down to the very best from the shoot. In any given shoot, even under the best of circumstances, there are a large number of images that don’t work. These will be the result of blinking, an incomplete or bad pose, lighting issues or a million other things. This is all very normal and those images are quickly discarded. Of the remaining images, there will be a large number that are very similar. Once the similar images are grouped up the best of those images are selected for editing.

Receiving images

Images will be emailed to you upon completion usually between 1-2 weeks after the shoot.

The images will be high-resolution JPEG format, but not full-resolution. Full-resolution images are very large and only really needed for printing. Full resolution images can be made available upon request, however.

How you can use the images

Released images can be used for personal use and self-promotion only.

Released images must not be edited, or form part of a derivative work.

Released images will have a small unobtrusive copyright mark; this mark should not be removed and should be visible wherever the image is used. Or should be additionally credited where appropriate.

Full copyright is retained.

Before the shoot

I like to talk to models before the shoot, mostly to address any questions you might have, but also to help us get to know each other a little bit before the shoot.

I will likely pass on my contact number so we can chat on the phone. If you are local enough and wish to do so, I am happy to meet for a coffee before the shoot.

I will likely ask you about the 'modelling levels' you are comfortable shooting at, and if you are interested in any form of lingerie or nude work. Please do not be alarmed by this question; it is not attempting to encourage you into shooting in this style. This is asked to allow you a chance to discuss these styles and make sure that these questions don’t get asked during the shoot when it might be seen as pushy.

For the same reason, modelling levels will not be discussed during the shoot unless you wish to discuss them.

For more information on nudity see ’Shooting nude’ below.

Model Agreement

I will ask you to sign a short model agreement on the day of the shoot. This agreement outlines the nature of our shoot and grants you the right to use the resulting images.

It is also legal protection for me; so that I can demonstrate that the photographs we take during the shoot were taken with your consent.

Please read the Agreement carefully before signing it to make sure you are happy with the details. The agreement can be provided before the shoot upon request.

What to bring

Proof of age is very important.

I will require you to bring some form of identification that proves how old you are. I may refuse to shoot with you if this is not available. I do not work with models under 18 regardless of shoot style, experience or maturity.

Bring your tunes!

Music always helps on a shoot. We will have Spotify running so we should be able to find some music you like.


Bring anything that makes you feel good about yourself and gives you confidence. If you have an outfit you know you can rock then bring it with you.

Bring crazy

Bring that crazy/random/strange thing you have. I don't care if it's a gas mask, a tutu, suit of armour or a bunny suit (and yes, I have had people bring all these) if you have something strange and unusual in your wardrobe bring that!

That one outfit

Grab that one outfit you bought because you loved it but have no idea when you might ever wear it.

Your best lingerie/underwear

Bring your best lingerie/underwear; ideally matching sets if you have them and all the accessories. Even if you're not showing them off in the pictures it can often help to boost confidence and put you in the right frame of mind.


Bring accessories, earrings necklaces hats anything that might complement your outfits and add texture to the image. Similarly, great shoes and boots are crucial.

Hair make up / MUAs / Stylists.

In general, I do not work with MUAs (Make-up artists) or stylists and there is no creative team. Models will be responsible for there own hair and make-up during the shoot unless previously agreed. I am not against working with a creative team however and if you have someone who would be interested in working on a collaboration please let me know.

Shooting nude

There is never a requirement to shoot nude or in lingerie during my shoots.

'Modelling levels' are always entirely at your discretion and you can change your mind at any time.

If you would like to shoot nude or lingerie please avoid wearing tight clothing before the shoot as this can leave marks.

It can be a good idea to bring a dressing gown for use in between shooting.

Not sure if you want to try nude or lingerie?

If you are not sure if you are comfortable shooting nude or lingerie but want to give it a go let me know. I am happy to shoot in this style and delete the images afterwards if you are not comfortable.

Afterwards can be straight after the shoot or weeks later. I would never want images that models I work with were not comfortable with.

Please be aware that many photographers would not take this approach so always check with them beforehand, and check their reputations.

Anonymous nude

If you are concerned about nudity but would still like to have nude images; we can shoot in an Anonymous nude style. This is nudity that will not show the face of the model. Many of the best artistic nude images take advantage of this style as they images becomes more a figure art piece.

Tattoos and body modification

Unlike some photographers, I love ink and body modification and I am always happy if you want to show it off in your photographs.

Please let me know where they are and let me know if you would like to make a feature of them during the shoot or not.

I love body modifications so if you have piercings or other body modifications please do leave them in!

Scars/birthmarks and other body quirks

Life can often leave us a little battered and scarred but it’s no reason to stop it letting us shoot. I have worked with a number of models who have significant scars and marks. Often these are part or who we are and I am happy to shoot with them; however, if you would prefer they can be discretely removed during the editing process.

Just let me know where they are, and if you would like them removed from your images.

Location / Studio

I tend to shoot in very normal locations often around my home. I am happy to shoot on location as the need arises although I'm not a big fan of "studio shoots”. I have a full studio set up at home and there are facilities for private changing.

Outdoor shoots can be fun but offer lots of distractions and potential problems such as the weather. If you wish to shoot outdoors please discuss this with me in advance.

Time and Duration

The duration of the shoot is entirely up to you, we can shoot for a few hours or all day. In general, it is a lot better to start as early as possible as the more time we have the more we can do.

Most of my shoots start at around 10 am and last for about 5-7 hours with lunch and lots of tea breaks in-between.

Please let me know how long you would like to shoot for before the shoot.

Late or need to cancel?

Going to be late?

If you think that you might be late that’s not a problem, just please call me and let me know.

Need to cancel?

I understand that sometimes things don't always go ask planned. If you need to cancel the shoot for any reason please just let me know with as much warning as possible.

If you need to cancel on the day for whatever reason I will be happy as long as you let me know.

No Shows

If we have arranged a shoot and you are unable to cancel, either before or on the day, please let me know why as soon as you are able.

If you do not cancel and do not show up without giving a reason I will not arrange further shoots with you.



Welwyn Garden City is located just north of London and is and is accessible via the A1(m) junctions 4 (Northbound) and 6 (southbound).


Welwyn Garden City Station (WGC) is just 25min direct from London Kings Cross by train. If you are travelling by train I would be happy to meet you at the station or pay your cab fare from the station.

Travel costs

If you would like me to cover or contribute to your travel costs I am usually very happy to do so. Please discuss this with me before you arrive.