Photography and videography by William Owen
WARNING: Some of the images on this site contain nudity
© 2018 William Owen

Been given a card?

If some random chap handed you a card that looks like the one above then that was (almost certainly) me. Clearly, I thought that you would be an interesting person to shoot with. Hopefully, we had a chat and if you are here then you are at least curious. So let me confirm some details with you.

No charges, no obligations

I'm not selling anything, I'm offering you a free shoot. I will not charge you for my time and any images that make the final edit process will be sent to you freely in a digital format for personal use and portfolio building. I won't charge you for the images. The images will be used for my portfolio and will not be sold to websites.

Not a model?

Great! Many of the people featured in my portfolio are not, or were not, professional models. All you need is the willingness to have a go. If nothing comes from it then it should still be a fun experience and there is every chance you will get some great and unique pictures.

What style of pictures do you want to take?

Many of my portfolio images feature some elements of nudity or lingerie, and I can understand how this might make people uncomfortable modelling for me. Please understand that you do not have to model in this style or indeed ANY particular style. 

Everything about the shoot is at the full discretion of the model, my shoots are a collaboration and we will work together to create the best pictures we can. If you want to rock the jeans and t-shirt look that's great, want to wear an evening dress then that's great too. You decide what you are comfortable with and everything will be discussed up-front before the shoot.

OK, I might want to give this a go, how do I start?

Great, the best thing to do is to call or email me, the details are on the back of the card. Remind me where we met and let's have a chat about how we processed. If you can send me a link to a facebook account or other online profile that would be great too.

I have very limited time, but I prioritise people to whom I have given a card.