Photography and videography by William Owen
WARNING: Some of the images on this site contain nudity
© 2018 William Owen

About Neotoxic

I am not a professional photographer; that is to say I do not make a career out of photography. I shoot for fun and for the challenge and I enjoy creating images.

My work tends to be quite broad and I shoot everything from landscape to fashion to erotica. In general my work tends to be a little edgy. I like to try and capture genuine personality in my images and have a dislike of photographic cliché.

I like to work collaboratively with models in the context of the environment. As a collaboration I am always keen to know what styles and concepts the people I work with are interested in. I believe that the best shoots come about through a practical collaboration with a creative model, rather than a pre-planned and orchestrated shoot. I have no pretensions about my work and try to ensure that my shoots are fun above all else.